Classical star catalogs

This section of library contains information about "classic" Star Catalogs.

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Currently, a significant part of the section's content is in the process of revision (cross-identification and addition of astrometric coordinates). The appearance of the section and its content could be changed at any time.

V.V. Nesterov. Astrometrical catalog HD.

For a Henry Draper Catalog  272149 stars have received a total of 531,211 identifications in 7 сatalogs:
270456 - in Astrographic Catalogue ( "Carte du Ciel", 4M),
251943 - in Guide Stars Catalog (GSC),
8352 - in Catalog PPM,
23 - in GCVS,
12 - in HIC,
2 - in BS and
2 - in Luyten.
420 stars have some conditional coordinates and their investigation are continuing.
Since the catalog is in the process of refinement and further verification, please ask for its version by e-mail.

V.V. Nesterov et al.  HDEC: a catalogue of accurate positions, proper motions, magnitudes and spectral types of 86933 stars

To be completed.
Published version.
A file with information on the components of 1788 of multiple systems in catalog HDEC (3681 component, or a combination thereof, with 4054 recording).

A.P. Gulyaev, N.T. Ashimbaeva. ACVS: astrometric catalog of variable stars.

Abstract of published article  (in the Soviet Astronomy = Astronomicheskiy Zhurnal).
Article in SAI Transactions (Trudi Gaish, 2004, V.70, P.287).
A file with information about 21971 variable stars.
Data format.

Four millionth star сatalog (4M).

Identification of stars on the plates of Cartes du Ciel: the statistics of distances between stars, luminosity function in selected declination zones.
Article in 68 volume of SAI Transactions  (PDF file 987 KB).