Symbolic circuit-matrix processor and evaluator

Authors: Filaretov V.V., Shein D.V. (Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russia)

SYMBOL is a symbolic-algebra package which in contrast to REDUCE, MACSYMA, MAPLE, MATHEMATICA, MathLAB, MathCAD and other known multi-purpose systems is especially intended for analysis of any lumped, linear, time-invariant circuit. This new product has surpassed other the known systems in terms of circuits dimension and characteristics of efficiency.

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Specification Specification
Symbolic circuit processor Symbolic circuit processor
Symbolic matrix processor Symbolic matrix processor
Complex evaluator Complex evaluator

Download programs, samples and documentation package (338 kb). If you will use DOS archiver PKUNZIP, please add option -d (extraction with subdirectories).

SYMBOL software was applied for symbolic analysis of the famous band-pass filter by Starzyk and Konczykowska (

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November, 2001.