CALCSYM - complex evaluator

Author: Shein Dmitry V.

User's manual for CALCSYM program

CALCSYM.exe and CALCSYMi.exe will allow you to obtain numeric solution for *.out file generated by both CIRSYM and MATSYM programs (computation of freqency responces, unknowns, determinants, sensitivity analysis etc...). Examples of OUT file can generate in SYMBOL/CIRSYM or SYMBOL/MATSYM directories. Setup file name for CALCSYM is "".

1. CALCSYMi.exe will allow you to work with long double over the range from 3.4*E-4932 to 3.4*E+4932.
2. CALCSYMi.exe will allow you to work with long integer over the range from -2147483648 to 2147483647.


To calculate, run CALCSYM.exe and enter "file_name.OUT" or click on the "ENTER" (in "OUT" case). In the first option can generate "file_name.CLS" file or in the last option (by default) can generate "CLC" file. In first string of OUT file enter any text you want to be the title of your task. Starting from string 2 (if is not comments - "%") enter the sequence of expressions.

"file_name.CLC" ("CLC") file can use for investigations and numeric applications.

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